2014 Summer British Study Abroad Students

2014 Summer British Study Abroad Students

The 2014 UCBA Summer British Abroad program will take students to exciting destinations in Great Britain and France to study the work and influence of early 20thcentury American expatriate writers and modern practitioners of mass media abroad.

Professor Sue Sipple will teach a literature course on the works and lives of five American expatriate writers: Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Professor Eric Anderson will offer an electronic media course analyzing current and historical roles the media play in defining and changing what is acceptable in a society. It will also examine the growing impact new media is having on globalization and the future possibilities of digital media. Students will document their experiences through photography and a personal blog.

From Sue Sipple and Eric Anderson:

Welcome to the SBSA 2014 Blog! We’re excited to be traveling with the largest UCBA study abroad program in our college’s history: we’re going to have an amazing adventure in our classrooms and in several exciting destinations in Europe!

Our students are a diverse and highly enthusiastic group who bring to our program a real love of learning and sense of wanderlust! Their majors cross nearly every discipline at UC, from Electronic Media to English, from Business to Sociology to Art and History, to name a few. They vary in age, race, and ethnicity. Many of our students are first generation college students who are also traveling abroad (and even flying) for the first time, so reading this blog will give readers a glimpse into the hopes, dreams, and expectations of several first-time international travelers. On the other hand, several of our students are seasoned travelers, including veterans, who have lived and worked abroad, so they’ll see our travels through more experienced eyes.

As program leaders and professors, our experience is as wide ranging as our students’. We’ve both traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, led multiple study abroad trips and have taught in our disciplines for  many years. Our group this year includes two other leaders. Marcus Langford, UCBA Director of Student Life, will spend one week with us at Harlaxton Manor in England. After he leaves, our colleague, Angie Woods, a UCBA Spanish professor and seasoned study abroad leader, will join us for the duration of the program.

We hope you enjoy following our group through this blog!